Arthana Binu Takes Stand Against Father-Actor’s Troubling Actions

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Arthana Binu, a renowned Malayalam film actress, has come forward to shed light on the troubling actions of her father, actor Vijayakumar. She expressed her frustration with the lack of police action despite seeking help and shared the distressing incidents that have been plaguing her family. Arthana’s bold move has sparked a conversation about the importance of addressing familial issues and the need for a stronger support system.

Arthana Binu bravely shared the details of the distressing events that unfolded, highlighting the persistent troubles caused by her father. She explained that she reached out to the police for assistance around 9:45 a.m., but unfortunately, no immediate action was taken. The person depicted in the video shared by Arthana is none other than her biological father, Vijayakumar, a well-known actor in the Malayalam film industry.

It is crucial to note that a protection order has been in place for the past ten years, favoring Arthana, her mother, and her sister. Arthana, her mother, and her sister reside in their maternal house, which they share with their 85-year-old grandmother. Arthana revealed that her father, Vijayakumar, has been trespassing on their property for years, leading them to file numerous police cases against him.

During the recent incident, Vijayakumar forcefully entered their compound and resorted to threatening behavior. Despite the locked door, he confronted Arthana and her family through an open window. He made alarming threats against her sister and grandmother while commanding Arthana to quit acting in movies. Vijayakumar made it clear that he would go to any lengths to enforce his demands.

Arthana Binu courageously recounted how her father insisted that if she were to pursue acting, she should only choose movies of his liking. His aggressive behavior continued as he banged on the window, yelling and even badmouthing the team behind Arthana’s latest Malayalam movie, which she had just finished shooting. It is worth noting that Arthana and her mother had already filed a court case against Vijayakumar for trespassing, causing disruptions in their workplaces, and creating chaos in her sister’s educational institution.

Arthana Binu made it abundantly clear that her choice to act in movies is driven by her own will and passion. She vowed to continue pursuing her acting career as long as her health permits. However, she revealed the disheartening truth that her father consistently files cases to impede her professional journey whenever she works on a Malayalam movie.

One incident that Arthana mentioned revolved around the movie “Shylock.” Vijayakumar filed a legal case, prompting Arthana to sign an official document affirming that her involvement in the film was voluntary. This step was taken to prevent the cancellation of the project. Arthana expressed her desire to provide more details about her struggles but was confined by the limited word count allowed for her Instagram caption.

Arthana Binu and her mother have taken legal action against Vijayakumar to recover the money and gold he owes her mother. They are determined to pursue the case and bring about a resolution, seeking justice for the torment they have endured. Arthana’s bold step to speak out against her father’s troubling actions has garnered significant attention, highlighting the importance of addressing family issues and standing up against abuse and manipulation.