Art Director MilanFernandez Passes Away During Vitamuirchi Filming

In a devastating turn of events, celebrated art director Milan Fernandez, aged 54, suffered a fatal heart attack during the filming of ‘Vitamuyarchi,’ a movie directed by Makir Thirumeni and featuring Ajith. MilanFernandez had traveled to Azerbaijan for the film’s production. The tragedy unfolded as Milan, experiencing physical discomfort, was admitted to the hospital early in the morning. Having returned to his hotel room after a routine night of shooting, Milan’s health took a sudden downturn, prompting immediate action.

On the following Sunday morning, the film crew assembled for work, but Milan fell critically ill. He was swiftly rushed to the hospital for medical attention. However, by the time Ajith, Makir Thirumeni, and cinematographer Nirav Shah reached the hospital, Milan had tragically passed away. Milan was a prominent figure in Ajith’s films, as well as being recognized with the Padma Shri Bharat award in Malayalam. His art direction talents were also showcased in the movie ‘Saroj Kumar.’Embarking on his cinematic journey in 1999 as an assistant to art director Sabu Cyril, Milan contributed to films such as ‘Citizen,’ ‘Tamilan,’ ‘Red,’ ‘Villan,’ and ‘Anyan.’ In 2006, he made the leap to become an independent art director with ‘Kalaan Kathalan.’ Over the years, he lent his creative touch to numerous successful projects, including ‘Billa,’ ‘Ekan,’ ‘Vettaikaran,’ ‘Velayudham,’ ‘Veeram,’ ‘Vethalam,’ ‘Bogan,’ ‘Vivegam,’ and ‘Sami 2,’ among many others. Notably, Milan’s collaboration with Suriya in ‘Kankua’ preceded his work on ‘Vitamuyarchi.’