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Arjun Kapoor Rejected Kabir Singh for Shahid Kapoor!

Arjun Kapoor

In a nation like India, which has an immense progression of acting ability, covers are not irregular. While such covers regularly lead to clashes, some of the time they don’t. Arjun Kapoor as of late uncovered that he was the main decision of Kabir Singh’s makers to play the main character.

Talking at the tenth Jagran Film Festival, Arjun uncovered that the makers were remembering him while obtaining the privileges of the movie however executive Sandeep Reddy Vanga had Shahid Kapoor at the top of the priority list who he addressed before Arjun could be drawn closer. He stated, “It didn’t arrive at that phase where I could pick or not. At the point when the rights were being procured by Ashwin and Murad, who made Mubarakan, they gained remembering me. Sandeep Vanga, the executive, had met Shahid and he had seen the film previously and they chose to do the film together.

Arjun Kapoor reject Kabir Singh Role
Arjun Kapoor reject Kabir Singh Role

Arjun lauded Shahid’s performance as well as Kabir Singh‘s box office collection. One of the reasons he stated for not competing with Shahid for the film was that he was Sandeep Vanga’s choice who had directed the original Arjun Reddy.

He said, “Sandeep is the director of the film and he had a clearer vision of the film and without him, the film wouldn’t have been what it is now. Fundamentally, films chose actors and directors but in this case, the intent was right from our side and we couldn’t combine it. The film needed Sandeep Vanga. There is a madness to that film, there is inherent energy. It is a simple story but there was madness to the treatment. He (Sandeep) had already committed and he wanted to stick to his words and I respect that. I did not want my producers sitting around with the rights of the film and not making it out of me being in an ego tussle with anybody.”

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