Apple and chip maker Intel are closing a decade-long partnership

Apple and chip maker Intel are reportedly closing in on a long-standing partnership. The announcement will be announced at the Apple Developers Conference on Monday. Apple, one of the largest tech companies in the world, is considering ways to make chips for its personal computers themselves.

Neither Nell nor Apple have responded to a news release from the New York Times. However, sites like Bloomberg have already reported this possibility. Since 2005, Apple has been using the Intel chip in their Mac products.

With the new decision to make itself PC chips, Apple will have more control over their Mac product. The company is already customizing the feature on ARM licenses and making chips independently for Apple iPhone and iPad. It is rumored that this will be the next step for PCs and Apple chip makers.

At the same time, Apple is already using Taiwan-based local chipmakers to make their own Apple iPhone and iPad chip. There are indications that Apple may be taking advantage of these possibilities. Apple is already using a plant like Foxconn to assemble phones.

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