Apart from dynasty and movie mafia in acting, this is also a big problem, Kangana Ranaut revealed

Kangana Ranaut

Actress Kangana Ranaut said that while working in the film industry, apart from the movie mafia and dynasty, there is another problem that has to be dealt with. Kangana Ranaut said that this problem is due to night shift. Kangana Ranaut has said this in a tweet. He said that his body has also been adversely affected by night shifts. Kangana Ranaut wrote on Twitter, ‘Apart from dynasty and the movie mafia, another problem that bothers us as an actor is Night Shift. When the sun rises, you sleep. Body clock and food cycle have completely deteriorated. During the first few nights I was troubled by the problem of loss of appetite. I am waiting for the body to be set. What is the news on Twitter? ‘

Kangana Ranaut is currently in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Here she is shooting for her action thriller movie ‘Dhakad’. In this film, she will be seen in the role of a detective. This film is being directed by Rajneesh Ghai. Kangana Ranaut had said about this film recently that it will prove to be the turning point for Indian cinema.

This movie has female lead character and an actress is shown in action scenes. Last week, Kangana Ranaut announced the release of ‘Manikarnika Returns’ movie. The film will be made on Rani Didda of 10th century Jammu and Kashmir.

Giving information about this film, producer Kamal Jain had tweeted, ‘There have been many stories of adventurous women in our country. Glad we get a chance to tell the story of the queen of Kashmir, who had defeated Mahmud Ghaznavi twice. Shooting of this film will start from January 2022. Currently Kangana Ranaut’s live release is going to be held. Kangana Ranaut has played the role of former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa in this film. Recently, she also shared some of her pictures with Jayalalitha’s look from the film’s set with fans.