Anusree Say Her Hand Was Paralyzed For 9Months

Actress Anusree is a star who has become a favorite of the Malayalam movie audience through her folk roles. Anusree stepped into Malayalam cinema by taking advantage of the opportunity she got through the reality show. Like in movies, Anusree has a lot of fans on social media as well. Anusree is on social media with photoshoot pictures and videos. Anusree’s upcoming film, ‘Tallanum Bhagavathy’, directed by East Coast Vijay, is all set to hit the theaters. Now the revelations made by Anushree regarding the promotion of the film are being discussed on social media.

Anusree, who wanted to come to the cinema, got an unexpected illness and created a big crisis. Malayali’s favorite star Anushree remembers such a crisis period that she had to face in her life. Anusree talks about the experience of a medical condition that sought her out, worrying that she might have to stop acting in the interim while gaining attention in films. At a certain point, I had to stop acting. Anusree has revealed for the first time about the fact that she lived confined to a room for nine months due to some sudden changes in her body. Anushree said these things in an interview given to an online channel called Betmedia. In the video, the actor can be seen crying while describing his experience.