Anusree Declares An End To A Week Of Fear And Tears Embraces A New Beginning

Actress Anusree said that the days full of fear are over and it is time for a new beginning. In a note shared through social media, Anusree spoke openly about a week where she felt very sad and isolated. The actor says that he has decided to move forward happily for the sake of his loving family and supportive friends and will never be sad again. With a smiling video, Anushree recounted her most difficult days.

“A week of so much brokenness, a week of fear and tears. It was a week of anxiety and anticipation. I’ve been looking forward to solving this puzzle, but I’m sure it’ll never change, so I’m deciding to move on. Because there is a world waiting for me to celebrate. A family to love and many friends to support. A beautiful life awaits me so I will not look back on this sadness from now on. I will stop thinking about this sadness forever,” says Anusree.

Anusree, who says that it has been a week full of anxiety and sadness, has not revealed what caused her grief or what happened. Earlier, actress Anushree had opened up about the illness and that she felt something was happening to her hand during the shooting of the film ‘Itihasa’. Anusree said that she reached her old condition after a lot of treatment and rest. Fans are waiting for Anusree to open up about what happened. From Anusree’s notes, the actor understood that he was in trouble and the fans commented that he is happy to overcome all that and come back.