Anushka Sharma’s Shirshasana Photos viral on social media!

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Actress Anushka Sharma talks about the importance of yoga during childbirth. The actress made this clear by sharing a picture of herself with her head on her full belly. Her husband Kohli, who helps Anushka in yoga, can also be seen nearby.

Anushka Sharma Maternity Photos

‘This exercise is more difficult. Yoga is very important in my life. So the doctors told me that I could still do everything I had done before childbirth. But not alone, but with the help of someone else. ‘‘Has been headlining for the past several years. The wall was used for body support. The husband helped her to stay balanced and more secure. This was done under the supervision of my yoga teacher, Efa Shroff. They had given me instructions online. I am very happy to be able to continue yoga even when I am pregnant .’- Anushka said.

The actress is busy with advertisements and photos during her pregnancy. Anushka is now seven months pregnant. Anushka plans to return to cinema within four months of the birth of her baby.

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