Anupama Parameswaran reveals the reason for why she was not active on social media

South Actress Anupama Parameswaran does not have more movies offers in her hand but she is very active on social media.

But the actress had gone to inactive mode from some days. Explaining the reason why she stopped appearing on Instagram, Anupama said she lost two of her pets because of a virus named ‘parvovirus’.

In a video posted by Anupama on Instagram, the actress said she had three pet dogs and two of them died due to this virus that is harmful to animals .

Anupama said she was devastated and depressed by losing them. “I was devastated and depressed… the pain was unbearable… and that exactly is the reason why I wanted to make this video… could not rescue my boys… but what happened to us shouldn’t happen to anyone else… And “no” the Virus don’t affect human beings… Take care of your canine buddies..,” posted Anupama asking people to take care of their pet dogs.