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Anu Sithara’s new look is being praised by the fans, lost 6 kg in a month with the training of Unni Mukundan

Anu Sithara new look

Unni Mukundan is known as the muscle man of Malayalam cinema. The actor maintains good friendships with all the actors he has acted with. Unni is on good terms with actress Anu Sithara after she co-starred with Mukundan in Mammootty starer Maamangkam. When Anu Sithara moved into her new home in Wayanad a few months back, Unni Mukundan’s visit to Anu’s house and the hospitality between Anu Sithara and her husband Vishnu Prasad were shared on YouTube and went viral.Anu Sithara Anu Sithara

Now Anu Sithara is talking about how Unni Mukundan helped her to lose weight. Anu Sithara shared this news with her new makeover pictures. Anu Sithara talks about her makeover by sharing pictures around the half-sari. Anu Sithara has recently gained weight. It also caught the attention of fans when it appeared at public events. Fans also say that the actress may have decided to lose weight following the reactions to it. Anu said that Unniyettan had given her precise instructions to lose weight and that he had told her that the diet was for women only.


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Anu Sithara wrote on social media that she started looking for a good trainer when she decided to lose weight and called Unni Mukundan to find out if she knew a good trainer to trim her body but he himself was telling her a good diet plan. Anu Sithara has stated that she has lost 6 kg in a month and is still doing so. Anu Sithara shared her pictures on social media saying that it was Unniyettan who taught her exactly how to diet and thanked Unniyettan a lot. Many fans are coming to the comment boxes praising Anu Sithara’s new change.Anu Sithara