Anu Sithara Openly Said That If She Has A Child, She Will Raise It Without Religion

Anu Sithara is a star who has won the hearts of the audience through her acting and dancing. Anu took a step to the screen with the Malayalam movie Potas Bomb which was released in 2013. Later, the actor acted in Malayalam films like Fukri, Happy Wedding, Raman’s Eden Thottam, Anarkali, Captain, Oru Phraishta Payyan, Oru Indian Love Story, Achayans, Oru Kuttanadan Blog. Anu Sithara is married to photographer Vishnu Prasad. Both of them got married in 2015. The actor had a love marriage. Even after marriage, Anu continues to be active in the film industry and dance industries. Now here are some of Anu’s statements that are gaining attention. Anu has now revealed how she would raise a child if she had one and the star’s thoughts about the child.

Anu’s words were that once he has a child, he will raise the child regardless of caste and religion. The actor clarified that the same will be the decision regarding enrolling the child in the school and the child will be enrolled in a school that does not ask to fill the column of caste and religion. The star also says that when the child turns 18, he should decide for himself whether to continue in any religion or not. Anu reveals that she is half-Muslim, her father is a Muslim and her mother is a Hindu. That’s why Anu says that they celebrate Vishu, Ramzan, and Onam together and that she and her younger sister know how to pray. The actor added that they fast during fasting. The actor says that places of worship are places that bring warmth and positivity to the mind and everyone should come there with a good heart.