Aniyathipravu : Whoever does it will be better, Says Chakochan

Kunchacko Boban is the first name in the Malayalam cinema. Today the younger generation of the Udaya family is active as an actor and producer. He was not an actor with a passion for acting. Directed by Kunchacko Boban, it was Fazil, the beloved director of Alappuzha. The arrival through the animatronic dove was a welcome addition. Shalini played the female lead in the movie. The songs in the film were also very popular.

Most of the people who run the movie ‘Aniyathiprav’ are nostalgia. It was also a film that became trendy at the time. Chakochan also holds the record for making his debut film as an industry hit. Interestingly, no one else could break this record. Though many newcomers have made their debut in the film industry as well as non-filmgoers, this achievement is well-established in Kunchacko Boban.

Kunchacko Boban played Sudhi as a college boy. When Fazil spoke about the film, the actor said that he had no interest at first. The same was said in The Queue Show Time. Whoever does this movie is okay. The star said that whoever I am, Sudhi is out of him. Pachika’s wife chose him for the film.

He says he initially had no interest. After hearing that she was not going to audition, her friend blamed her. You’re arrogant. You are not going away despite this great opportunity. “How many people are waiting for this opportunity,” he said, refusing to accept the opportunity. After hearing his words, he decided to go to the audition. It was paramour. There seemed to be no. Fazil said he was chosen. She was happy. The actor got many chances after the pigeons. The star was filled with chocolate heroes. In the meantime, the villainous and natural characters were chosen. The move was to change the image.