Amy Jackson IPL dance performance

Amy Jackson was the centre of attention during the opening ceremony of IPL 2017 held on April 5 at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad. She shook her leg for Bollywood songs like Kala Chasma, but ended up being trolled on social media for her performance.

To start with, Amy and her team wore blue shades for the Kala Chasma song. Also, her wrong lip-sync has riled up the netizens.  If that was not enough, the 2.0 actress’ performance didn’t go down well with the Twitterati. Some tweets called Sunny Deol a better dancer than her.

Meanwhile, a Hyderabad-based actor/model, who goes by the name Poonam Kaur Lal, stole the limelight during the opening ceremony. During Amy’s performance, the camera man panned to a beautiful face for 2-3 seconds and her smile has captured the imagination of the audience

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