Amritha Suresh is 30 years old and her younger sister Abhirami is 38! How is that?

Amrita Suresh and her sister Abhirami Suresh are sisters who have moved from playback singing to their own band and Bigg Boss house. The actress has now hit out at social media with a picture of her celebrating her birthday. Apart from the picture of the celebration, Amrita did not hesitate to reveal her age Amrita thanked everyone who wished her a happy birthday and apologized for not being able to read some of the messages.

Amritha Suresh and Abhirami Suresh Images

But that’s where my aunt Abhirami comes in stating her age in the comment section Who would not be surprised to hear that the sister of a 30-year-old sister is 38 years old? Yes, Abhirami says how it happened Google is the work of no one else. Google has portrayed Amrita’s younger sister as 38 years old. Abhirami says 37 but the age given by Google is 38. By July 26, Abhirami was 38 years old!

Amritha and Abhirami

According to Google, older people are not the only ones fascinated. Recently, another Malayalee star by that name was in the news According to Google, Mammootty’s heroine Reenu Mathews is 32 years old. But Reinu’s age is much lower

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