Amrita suffers another setback while recovering from a broken life

Meghna is a well-known actress in the serial ‘Chandanamazha’. The actress got married after joining the serial and Meghna got married on April 30, 2017. Meghna was married to Don Tony, the brother of serial star and dear friend Dimple Rose. The big news in the media was that Don was getting married after Meghan’s divorce, and all of their wedding photos had garnered a lot of attention on social media.

Meghna is now moving forward with her new YouTube channel, and now the actress has made a comeback again, with Meghna becoming the heroine in a series called Mrs. Hitler. Shanavas Shanu will play the lead role in the serial. A new promo video has been released with the caption ‘Mrs. Hitler is about to start.

Meghna released the video from inside the hospital. Meghna started the video by saying that she had a minor accident during the shooting. The accident happened while going on a scooter. The actress says she injured her knee, hand, and knee, and the accompanying nurse can be seen dressing Meghna’s in the video. After that Meghna takes TT as prescribed by the doctor. Meghna left the hospital after thanking the nurses who took care of her. Meghna had this accident while filming a scene in the series.