Ammalu Amma’s wish came true, Mammootty meets his special fan

It is the dream of every fan to see idol stars in person. There will be many ways to make that dream come true. For some, that dream has come true, while others are still living that dream. Sometimes celebrities surprise their fans.

Now a video of a fan and a superstar is going viral. The video of Mega Star Mammootty and his fan together is noteworthy. Ammalu Amma got her dream come true. A few days ago, Ammalu had shared his desire to meet Mammootty with the media. That video went viral. Mammootty was also brought to the attention of his friends. Then Mammootty came to meet his fan in person.

Ramesh Pisharody shared the megastar fan meeting on social media. Ammalu Amma met Mammootty on the set of Turbo. Mammootty welcomes his mother who reached the set in a car and hugs him to his chest. The envelope containing Mammootty’s posters was in his hand. Actress Seema G Nair brought Ammalu Amma close to the star. After spending time with Ammalu Amma, the megastar sent them off with a gift. Ammalu in Paravur knew about Amma’s wish through social media and some friends. We want to see our Mammootty in person. Seema’s sister Seema G Nair n again forcefully conveyed this issue. Seema Chechi is a person who does good for the society. Ammalu Amma’s desire must have been so sincere and deep. It happened.nRamesh Pisharody wrote along with the video, “Happy women’s day” with the picture of his beloved Mammooka in his hand.