Amazon’s Shocking Decision Gives A Second Chance To The Woman Who Once Ruled The Empire

 The female employee who lost her job four months ago has returned to Amazon. Paige Cipriani, a young woman, shared her frustration at being laid off by the company in January. Paige is now happy to be back at the company as product marketing manager after four months. The post shared by Page on LinkedIn has now gone viral.“Social Marketing is the same team I was on before I was laid off in January. I returned to that team on Monday. Very happy to be back. I have been recruited as a Product Marketing Manager. Hence, they will focus on a different business line from now on than before, she added. After being fired in January, Paige has been open about her situation. He was one of the 18,000 workers affected by Amazon’s layoffs and said the situation was “really tough.”

Amazon is a company with 15.4 lakh employees globally excluding temporary workers. The company took the layoff action citing instability in the economy. The cuts, which represent about 1 percent of Amazon’s workforce, were outlined in an earlier memo to employees by Chief Executive Officer Andy Jassy. The layoffs started last year. The layoffs mostly affected people in Amazon’s retail division and human resources functions such as recruiting. While the prospect of layoffs has previously surfaced at Amazon the company has admitted to hiring too many people during the pandemic. But the current situation indicates that the company is heading towards a recession. First, Salesforce Inc. laid off 10 percent of its workforce. It has since announced plans to reduce its real estate holdings. Amazon is the most stable employer for tech workers.