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Amazon Prime is ready to pay Rs.55 crores for KGF2 Digital rights

KGF Chapter 2, one of the most expected movie in India. The team has already announced that KGF2 will hit the screens on October 23rd, 2020.. all the fans and actors all over India are waiting to witness KGF2 on big screens. Actor Yash always said KGF Chapter 1 is much more Amazing than Chapter 1..

There is a lot of demand to bag the Digital Rights of KGF chapter 2.. according to the sources Amazon Prime is ready to purchase the Digital rights of KGF2 for Rs.55 crores. Amazon Prime has quoted this price including the digital rights of all the Language dubbed versions of KGF2 i.e., Kannada, Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam and Hindi .

But the team has not given the official announcement yet.

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