Amala Paul starrer ‘The Teacher’ trailer gains attention


On Monday, the teaser for Amala Paul’s upcoming film The Teacher was unveiled. According to the trailer, the movie appears to be about a woman who gets caught up in an online scandal.

The “Teacher” trailer, which was just published, is quite remarkable as the movie promises to be a suspenseful ride with a “Gone Girl” vibe where the audience is unsure of who to trust. The movie also promises an incredible performance from Amala Paul and Hakkim Shah. Overall, the “Teacher” trailer has raised anticipation for the Amala Paul-starring film.

The storyline and dialogue for “Teacher” were written by writer PV Shajikumar and are being directed by Vivek, who is well known for the Fahadh Faasil starred “Athiran.” Dawn Vincent composed the music for the Amala Paul-starring film, and Anu Moothedath will serve as the film’s cinematographer. The movie’s editing will be handled by Manoj, and Vivek, the director, wrote the script himself.

Amala portrays a drill instructor who works at a school in the film. She also appears to be enjoying her personal life, complete with a supportive husband. Tragic events happen just as everything appears to be fine. She probably appears in a sensational video that becomes viral. It completely upends her way of life. She goes through a lot, from disappointing her spouse to being an outcast in society. But unlike most movies that deal with these issues, the female lead isn’t hiding in a dark room and waiting for a hero to save her from her current situation. Instead, she goes up against opponents alone while attempting to climb out of the hole.

Vivek of Athiran fame is in charge of The Teacher. Hakkim Shah, Chemban Vinod Jose, Manju Pillai, Vinita Koshy, I M Vijayan, Prashanth Murali, Dinesh Prabhakar, Senthil Krishna, and Nandu are also featured in the movie.

On December 2, The Teacher is set to hit theatres.