Amala Paul was denied entry into a South temple


Amala Paul, a well-known South Indian actress, claims that she was refused access to the nearby Thiruvairanikulam Mahadeva temple. The actor stated that on Monday, temple officials allegedly rejected her “darshan,” citing rules that permit only Hindus to enter the grounds. However, a driven Amala Paul prayed to the god from the road in front of the temple.


Amala Paul shared her experience in the temple’s visitors’ register, Amala Paul wrote “Felt the spirit even though she didn’t see the Goddess. It is sad and disappointing that religious discrimination still exists in 2023. I couldn’t go near the Goddess but could feel the spirit from a distance. I hope there will be a change in religious discrimination soon. The time will come and we all will be treated equally and not on the basis of religion.”

Amala Paul1


However, the Thiruvairanikulam Mahadeva Temple Trust’s temple leaders claimed they were simply adhering to temple customs. “Many followers of different religions have visited the temple, although nobody is aware of this. However, it becomes contentious when a celebrity appears, an official said. There are such rules in many temples of the South due to which many times controversies arise.

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Amala Paul, who is 31 years old, is a hugely popular actress in the South Indian film industry with successful hits in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. Amala Paul has also appeared in the Hindi web series ‘Ranjeesh Hi Sahi’. It was produced by Mahesh Bhatt. She was seen in the role of Aamna Parvez in the series. Her character was inspired by the life of actress Parveen Bobby.