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Amala and Kamal Haasan’s hit song, Supriya Menon says about her favorite song!


Prithviraj’s wife Supriya Menon is active on social media. They share not only the movies but also the highlights of their personal lives. Supriya is waiting for Prithviraj’s return to Jordan. Occasionally the star girl comes in saying she misses the beard. Supriya had also reached out to Vishnu about the lack of Prithvi. Prithviraj went abroad to do acting career. It was reported that the shooting had been stopped but restarted. Supriya was talking about her favorite movie of the day. Supriya talks about Madhavan and Shalini starring Alaipayuthe. They said it was the movie that struck me. Poornima was approached by a comment about the film that Indra and I had seen while they were dating.

It’s been 20 years since the release of Alaipayuthe. Supriya Menon has been talking about her favorite movie ever. Supriya has also posted a video of the song.

I love this song as my all time favorite romantic song. Supriya came to ask what is yours. They were talking about the song that Kamal Haasan and Amala played. They were great, whether it was pic- ture or eloquence. A number of people, including Prayaga Martin, came up with the comments under the post.Supriya also said that she is in a hurry to keep Aslamkutra busy since the lockdown is over. Tarapani also asked how you keep your children busy. Poornima said that the best thing she can do is to play with Alli. The photo of Alakruthra, who is pictured with Nachu, has gone viral.