Allu Arjun: Where was the first show of “Ala Waikuntha Puram”?

Bunny Fans is planning to release the film in a big way as Eger is waiting for the film. The bunny buzz is expected to start from early morning on Sunday with the approval for special shows already in Telugu states. The premiere of the premiere is set for another 12 hours in the overseen. Advance bookings have already started.

However, there has been talk of where the film’s first show will fall. The Bunny Wave made its first appearance in Vaikunthampuram in Malaysia. The movie will debut in Federal Cinemas in Malaysia itself. The First Show will begin on Saturday (January 11) at 7 pm at Federal Cinema. This is the first show of this movie officially

opposite Bunny The film stars Tabu, Jayaram, Sushant, Nivedita Pathuraj and Navdeep in key roles. The audio has already been a super hit and there are huge expectations for the film. Ramula’s songs are trending, especially in Samajavaram. The film was jointly produced by Allu Aravind and Radhakrishna.