Allu Arjun and Neeraj Chopra did the Iconic Pushpa step


We have the ideal illustration of what a picture or video of the day looks like right here. Allu Arjun, a Telugu actor, and Neeraj Chopra, a sportsman, came together on Wednesday to attend “CNN-News18 Indian of the Year 2022” in New Delhi. The latter received the Indian of the Year title in the sports area, while the former received it in the entertainment sector. The two ran into one another and briefly chatted after the huge show.

Allu Arjun and Neeraj Chopra may be seen laughing together in a recently posted video on social media. While imitating Allu Arjun’s famous Pushpa: The Rise move, the sports star also instructs the actor to hold his hands in a way that suggests he is throwing a javelin. The two celebrities are beaming as they stand for the camera.

Meanwhile, accepting the prestigious award, Allu Arjun shared how he wishes to dedicate it to all the frontline workers who worked hard amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Pushpa was made during coronavirus time, was released during the coronavirus time. I want to dedicate this award to all the doctors, nurses and all other people in the healthcare sector. My respects to all of them,” he said.


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The actor also discussed how Pushpa was honored by people all over the nation and that it was his first honor from North India. “I am very glad that we do have our differences. The beauty of this country is its diversity. But when this movie (Pushpa: The Rise) was made, it was celebrated by India. We are all sons and daughters of the Indian film industry. We are all proud that it is Indian cinema’s victory. We are so glad that we could serve the country with entertainment in these tough times,” he added he continued. In addition to Sania Mirza and Ranveer Singh, other famous people who attended the ceremony in New Delhi were Sonu Sood and Union Minister Smriti Irani.