Alina Padikkal says the guy who did it called me and said, don’t make it a problem, My wife will divorced me !! (Video)


Elena has appeared in many reality TV shows as anchor and serial actress. The star has now become very popular with the arrival of Big Boss. Biggos players have just come home after Big Boss has been suspended for some reason.

Elena has been exposing some of the events she’s been directing in her life. There were many trolls against him once. At first he took it as a comedy. I have shared it on my Facebook and WhatsApp. Later, when several comments on it started to get worse, I stopped it. Then I heard it on Patty Live, but my sound was really bad at the time.

It was time to go to the Sound. So those who saw it thought that I was crying. The wife of the man who made me troll about it. So they called me and told me not to make a scene. I told him then. Elena makes it clear that she didn’t realize I was telling her that I wasn’t the one, but that my voice was gone.

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source : Ginger Media Broadcasting