Alia Bhatt gets trolled again during Rishi Kapoor’s last rites

Alia Bhatt who gets trolled for whatever she does has got trolled again for holding iPhone during the Last Rituals of Veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor.

People trolled Alia Bhatt thinking Alia Bhatt is making a showoff holding her iPhone 11 during the Last Rituals of the Great Actor Rishi Kapoor. But the actual thing was Alia was not holding the mobile to showoff. But she was helping Riddhima Kapoor to see father’s last rites.

Rishi Kapoor’s daughter Ridhima stays at Delhi.. though she got the pass to come to Mumbai, as there were no flights., Ridhima had to travel by road, because of which she couldn’t come on time. So Alia Bhatt was showing the whole rituals to Ridhima through video call.