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Alia Bhatt did something similar by inspiring Anushka Sharma, photo went viral!

Alia Bhatt has written a post on her Instagram which is becoming very viral. Alia Bhatt shared a sunkissed photo of her on Instagram and said that she got inspiration from Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma for taking this photo. Alia Bhatt’s photo is being seen extensively on social media.

Alia Bhatt Cute Photos
Alia Bhatt Cute Photos

Alia Bhatt tagged Anushka Sharma in this photo and wrote, ‘Happy Sunlight Sunday. Thank you Anushka Sharma for motivating you to find sunshine in the corner of your house. May the light always be with you. In this way, Alia Bhatt has thanked Anushka Sharma.

Let me tell you that Alia Bhatt has started following Anushka Sharma in the case of taking sunkissed photos. All the people are locked in houses during the lockdown. In such a situation, you cannot go out and take a great photo. So Anushka Sharma has found such a corner in her house where there is great sunlight and she takes a good photo. There are a lot of reactions of fans on these photos of Anushka Sharma, and these photos are also being liked a lot. Now, actresses like Alia Bhatt have also started following it. 

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