ALERT | Keep these e-mails; If not, the account will be defaulted

The email id [email protected] is likely to be used for fraud

The email id is likely to be used for fraud
The email id [email protected] is likely to be used for fraud

Reportedly threatening a major phishing attack in India. The latest phishing attack could be part of efforts to steal highly sensitive personal data and financial data from government agencies, the agency said. The Ser-In reports that the phishing attack will take place on the cover of the Covid 19 directive, which begins June 21. SBI also warned its customers about this.

Cyber ​​attacks will be conducted on small and large enterprises and individuals. It is reported that the fishing campaign may be under the umbrella of Covid’s funding to the government. In a statement, CRT-In said the emails were designed to lead to your fake websites by downloading files received through the mail or providing personal and financial information.

SBI alert

fraudsters may request personal information and banking information. It can be used later. It is estimated that this type of fraudulent message could reach up to 20 million email IDs of individuals. There are also indications that these cyber attackers are planning to send emails for Free Covid19 testing to people in Dalgi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

The email id, [email protected], is also likely to be used for fraud. Listed below are some guidelines that cyber security-related government agency users should follow. Users do not download or open attachments from unsolicited emails. And do not click on the URL of such emails.