Ajith Kumar and Vignesh Shivan’s AK 62 shoot timetable changed


Ajith Kumar is currently riding high thanks to the commercial success of his last film, Thunivu. The prominent Tamil film industry celebrity is currently taking a break from acting and vacationing in Europe. As previously reported, Ajith Kumar is teaming up with acclaimed director Vignesh Shivan for his 62nd film. The much-anticipated project, billed as a big-budget action flick, was expected to begin production in January. However, AK 62 has been moved back until February.

According to the latest sources, Ajith Kumar and Vignesh Shivan’s highly anticipated movie would not begin production until the third week of February this year. Although the true cause for the shooting delay has not been revealed, rumors say that the AK 62 pre-production work has not been completed. Also, Ajith, who is now on holiday in Europe, will not return to Chennai until the beginning of February.

The majority of AK 62 will be shot in various locales in North India. The team also intends to have brief shooting schedules in Hyderabad and other well-known overseas destinations. An official update on the Pooja ceremony and the film’s debut event is expected within the first week of next month.

AK 62 will be the most expensive project in its main man Ajith Kumar’s career thus far. The producers are thought to be in talks with a top Hollywood stunt choreographer to develop the film’s action sequences. The film, which is billed as an action thriller, will also feature an intriguing romantic plot and a dash of humor. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Trisha Krishnan are playing the female leads in AK 62. Senior actor Arvind Swamy will play the lead antagonist.