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Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, Sarah Ali Khan, This is the beauty secret of celebrities…

Actresses beauty secret
Actresses beauty secret

The look of the actresses is a topic of discussion in fashion columns. Getup Passion by Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, Sarah Ali Khan, and Priyanka is a hot topic in the columns. Celebrity makeup artist Florian reveals the beauty secret of the current actresses. She is a French makeup artist. Florian says that his favorite look of his career is that of Deepika Padukone.

This is what Florian says about working with actress Deepika Padukone … He had to prepare Deepika for a special event. Tested that day. Tested that day was Twisted Hair Bun and Smoky Eye. Eye makeup was done using very different eyeshadows back then. It was also a job that I personally found very satisfying.- Florian said. Deepika’s look is often discussed in Bollywood. The actress appears in a symbolic style look. Not only on the ramp but also at public events, the actor looks gorgeous. The actress always chooses light makeup to match the symbolic outfit.

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The celebrity makeup artist has revealed not only about her favorite work but also about the beauty secrets of Bollywood celebrities. Sleep wearing a face mask. Moisturize the skin as needed. Drink plenty of water. Flopian said most players follow these three. Florian Hoorelli is the makeup artist of Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Sara Alikhan.

When you can work with great celebrities, you feel proud and scared at the same time. The most important thing is to make the most of our potential at all times. The biggest challenge is to present a perfect look within the deadline when working with them. After deciding on makeup, they often discuss the look with the team and the celebrities. After hearing everyone’s interest, we move on.

Deepika Padukone and Sara Alikhan are currently the most talked about actresses. The NCB summons against them shocked the audience. Many stories related to the case are circulating every day.

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