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Aishwarya Lakshmi reveals about those Goan days, Photo goes viral!

Aishwarya Lekshmi about Goa trip

Aishwarya Lakshmi is an actress who has become an audience favorite in a short span of time. The actor, who made his silver screen debut in 2017 with A Break in the Land of Crabs, soon became an integral part of the Malayalam cinema. Despite not having a long list of films, all the films he made were huge successes. Mayanadi, directed by Aashiq Abu, was a film that changed Aishwarya’s career in 2017. The character of Aparna in the film was earning a place in South Indian cinema as an actress. Aparna is still a hot topic in movie columns and on social media.

Aishwarya Lekshmi

It is not a trivial matter for a newcomer actress to take her place in the minds of the audience. But Aishwarya Lakshmi was able to do it very quickly. Aishwarya Lakshmi is a Malayalee actress who has a good following on social media. Apart from sharing movie news, the actor also shares his interesting news on Instagram. The actress has shared her memories of a recent trip to Goa.

Aishwarya Lakshmi has posted a picture of her previous trip to Goa on Instagram. The actress shared a picture of herself sitting and eating at a restaurant in Goa. This throwback image has gone viral on social media. Aishwarya’s caption is ‘Vintalu In My Tummy’. The actress shared two pictures from the restaurant. Aishwarya’s Goan movie has received some interesting comments.

Aishwarya Lakshmi will be seen in a simple look. I have not seen the actress in make-up much in movies or public events. Aishwarya Lakshmi is seen in a make-up symbol look in the movie Govan Orma. The actress posed for the film in a simple look wearing a white fleece sleeve top. Audiences say that Aishwarya is glamorous even in makeup.

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