Aishwarya and Naleef in Manali, fans confirm that they are in love

Aishwarya and Naleef latest photo

Maunaragam is one of the super hit serials on the Asianet channel. The series is directed by Manu Sudhakaran and written by Pradeep Panicker. The story of silence revolves around a girl named Kalyani who is dumb. The dumb bride does not get the attention she deserves from her family.


Kalyani gets love and care from Kiran, the owner of the company she works for. Kalyani’s brother is married to Kiran’s sister Soni. Maunaragam moves forward through the events surrounding these two families. Aishwarya and Naleef are the favorite couple of the miniscreen fans who are the fans of this serial. Kalyani and Kiran in Maunaragam are better known among the audience than the real names of the two. Maunaragam, which started in 2019, is progressing with good audience acceptance.

The last few days have been full of eventful scenes in the series. The marriage between Kalyani and Baiju reaches the mandapam but Kiran is also able to save Kalyani. The series now moves on through the later moments. The off-screen picture of Kalyani and Kiran is now going viral on social media. The Manali Yatra movie of the two is going viral on social media. The Manali Yatra movie is coming out amidst rumors that the stars are in love. The picture has appeared on the fan page. Anyway, the film has been a big discussion among the audience.


Fans are asking if the two are one in life. There is a growing opinion that this is a journey for serial purposes. Earlier, after seeing the onscreen chemistry between the two, fans shared their doubts about whether they are in love or not. Naleef responded that we were not in love and were good friends. Several pictures of their serial location have gone viral on social media. Interesting videos and pictures not only of them but also of other silent stars are notable on social media.

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