Ahaana plays the female lead in Suhasini’s short film


Or the most affected area in the film industry kkdan. So many movies have gone unreleased. Moreover, the film has been suspended for several years.

But in the midst of this tragic scene, there is no place to be alone. The filmmakers are also active in social media with fan videos and messages.

Actress Suhasini Mani Ratnam is making a short film for her fans in Lockdown. Ahana Krishna is playing the female lead in this short film titled ‘Chinnanchiru Kiliye’.

This short film, which is about 20 minutes long, is completely filmed on the iPhone. Music by James Vasant and edited by Kevin Das. Suhasini has announced that the image will be uploaded on YouTube soon.

Suhasini has already shown her excellence in the industry. Directed by Anu Hassan and Aravind Swamy, the film was critically acclaimed. Released in 1995, the songs of this film are still loved by audiences. The film was composed by AR Rahman.