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Agrarian Reforms Bills Necessary for 21st Century India, Village Markets and Support Prices: Modi


In the 21st century, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi says, agricultural reform bills is necessary for the 21st century. Products will continue to be procured and procured from farmers. He reiterated that the support price system would not change. The Prime Minister was inaugurating 9 highway projects in Bihar via video conference.

PM Modi’s Commitment to Welfare of Poor

The cursor has been in the loop for so long. The full benefit was received by the intermediaries. Farmers were forced to work to their advantage. In this, Modi said, the government has brought change through the new agrarian reform bills.

The new bills will enable farmers to sell their produce anywhere. In addition, the conditions for selling at the desired price are matched. Farmers are being misled by some. It is misleading to say that village markets will disappear. But Modi said such village markets would remain the same. The government also carried out record procurement among the COVID. Modi also said that a record has been set in terms of reflection on farmers. The agrarian reform bills have been passed in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha in recent days.

PM Narendra Modi

Intermediaries should be avoided in the agricultural sector. No need for intermediaries anymore. They have so far controlled the agricultural sector. Freedom from such restrictions has been achieved through the passage of the new bill. The Prime Minister said that there is more opportunity for farmers to increase their income and make progress. The support price system will continue. He said the new bill was aimed at reforming the agricultural sector.

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