Again Radha Ravi against Nayanthara


Earlier, it was reported that actor Radha Ravi had insulted Nayanthara after she did not attend the film promotion. That was two years ago. Radha Ravi, who played another character in the film, was talking badly about the actress after she did not attend the promotion of the film starring Nayanthara as the central character. When it came to news that day, Radha Ravi said that her words were distorted and that she had never spoken ill of Nayanthara. Now, Radha Ravi has once again spoken about Nayanthara in public. But this was not a forum for film promotion, but for a political party. Speaking on the sidelines of a rally organized by the BJP in connection with the forthcoming Assembly elections, Radha Ravi spoke ill of Nayanthara.

When Radha Ravi spoke badly about herself in 2019, Nayantara said she wanted to remind them that it was a woman who gave birth to them too a woman. I sympathize with all the women in their family. I only feel guilty for treating women this badly. A senior actor like Radha Ravi had to lead the young stars from the front. But this is awful. Nayantara had said at the time that it was a cheap program to make headlines in such a degrading manner when it was irrelevant to the industry.