After Chiranjeevi’s death, his brother Dhruva Sarja steps down to dub his brother’s upcoming movie


Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja passed away on June 7 following a heart attack. His death shocked not only the fans but also the entire South Indian film industry. The family is still unable to contain the death of their beloved Chiru. Meanwhile, all four films of Chiranjeevi are in the process of production. One of Chiranjeevi’s upcoming films, Rajamarthanda, is only dubbed. According to the latest reports, Chiranjeevi’s brother Dhruva Sarja has approached the makers of the film by agreeing to dub for his brother.

Dhruva has met with director Ram Narayanan and producer Sivakumar to discuss the possibilities of working with them to complete the film in a timely manner. Reports indicate that Chiranjeevi Sarja wanted to dub for the film due to the long Kannada dialogues in the old Kannada style and this is the reason why Dhruva Sarja took up the challenge.
The polar director has promised to do justice to the character and preparations for it have already begun. In fact, the actor has also decided to help other producers of Chiranjeevi’s projects. Chiranjeevi’s ‘Rana’ is approaching the post-production stage. However, his other films, Kshatriya and April, have been stopped. An official announcement on the two projects will be made within a month.

The words on polar social media were heartbreaking when the pain of losing her brother was unbearable. He shared the picture with his brother and said, ‘I want you back. You can’t go without, ‘the pole said. On June 7, he suffered a shortness of breath and chest pain and was taken to a hospital where he suffered a heart attack. Doctors tried their best to save his life in the hospital but failed. Chiranjeevi is the son of actor Arjun’s sister. Chiranjeevi’s acting career began in 2009 with the Tamil remake of the Tamil film Sandakozhi. Arjun was the producer of the movie. In a career spanning over ten years, she acted in over 20 films.