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After 12 years, a special opportunity for cricket fans of India and Pakistan, know what is the news

After 12 years, a special opportunity for cricket fans of India and Pakistan, know what is the news

India and Pakistan teams will start the T20 series on Friday. The Indian team has to play with New Zealand while the Pakistan team will play against Bangladesh. While the Indian team will play in the 5-match T20 series, Pakistan will face Bangladesh in the 3-match T20 series. This series will have a unique record of 12 years for the fans of both these teams.

The Indian team is currently on a tour of New Zealand while the Bangladesh team has arrived on a tour of Pakistan. The Indian team is waiting for their first T20 series win in New Zealand, while Pakistan’s wait for Bangladesh to host is also ending. 

Fans of India and Pakistan have been waiting for 12 years

In New Zealand, India has played only two T20 series so far but the victory has not been achieved yet. Even after playing two series in 12 years, India have not been able to beat New Zealand in the T20 series. Indian fans are waiting for a T20 series win in New Zealand after 12 years.

Bangladesh team arrived in Pakistan after 12 years of touring. Earlier in Bangladesh, Bangladesh team played T20 matches 12 years ago. The Bangladesh team played a T20 match during the 2007–08 tour of Pakistan. Now the fans of Pakistan are waiting that after 12 years, they will once again see both teams play in T20 matches.

India-New Zealand T20 Series

24 January, India v New Zealand, 1st T20 (Auckland)

26 January, India vs New Zealand, 2nd T20 (Auckland)

January 29, India vs New Zealand, 3rd T20 (Hamilton)

31 January India v New Zealand, 4th T20 (Wellington)

2 February, India vs New Zealand, 5th T20 (Mongui)

Pakistan – Bangladesh T20 Series 

24 January Pakistan v Bangladesh 1st T20 (Lahore)

25 January Pakistan v Bangladesh 2nd T20 (Lahore)

27 January Pakistan v Bangladesh 3rd T20 (Lahore)

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