Adipurush Movie Box Office Collection Report, Review, And Rating

 Adipurush Movie Review

Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, is a grand-scale mythological epic that reimagines the timeless tale of Ramayana with a modern touch. Starring Prabhas as Lord Rama and Saif Ali Khan as the menacing demon king Ravana, the film delivers a visually stunning and emotionally captivating cinematic experience. One of the most commendable aspects of Adipurush is its exceptional production design and visual effects. The film transports the audience to a vivid and immersive world, meticulously recreating the ancient kingdom of Ayodhya and Lanka. The battle sequences are a visual spectacle, combining stunning choreography, dynamic camera work, and seamless CGI. The attention to detail is evident in every frame, making it a treat for the eyes.

Prabhas gives a stellar performance as Lord Rama, portraying the virtuous and righteous character with conviction. His portrayal captures the essence of the legendary hero, showcasing his strength, compassion, and unwavering commitment to righteousness. Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of Ravana is equally noteworthy, adding depth and complexity to the iconic antagonist. His performance strikes a balance between menace and vulnerability, making Ravana a captivating character. The film’s screenplay, written by Om Raut and Prakash Kapadia, successfully brings a fresh perspective to the familiar narrative of Ramayana. It explores the motivations and conflicts of its characters, delving into the shades of gray that exist within the story. This approach adds layers to the storytelling and creates a more nuanced portrayal of the epic.

Adipurush Movie BoxOffice Collection

Day 1₹ 86.75 Cr
Day 2₹ 65.25 Cr
Day 3₹ 69.1 Cr

Adipurush Movie Cast, Crew, And Details

Adipurush MovieCast, Crew & Details
DirectorOm Raut
ProducerBhushan Kumar
StarsPrabhas, Devdutta Nage
ActressKriti Sanon
LanguageHindi, Malayalam, Telgu, Kannada
Release DateJune 16 2023
CinematographyKarthik Palani
Runtime2 hours 59 minutes
MusicAnkit Balhara

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