Actress Sunny Leone has been questioned by the Crime Branch

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone, and the crime question. The Kochi crime branch questioned the actress on a fraud complaint filed by a Perumbavoor resident. It is alleged that he bought Rs 29 lakh for attending various events. The complainant is Shias, the program coordinator.

According to the report, Sunny Leone has cheated Rs 29 lakh on 12 occasions since 2016 by claiming that she can attend various inaugural events in Kochi. The interrogation was carried out by a team led by Crime Branch DySP Emmanuel Point. The actor was questioned when he reached Poovar in Kerala.

But the complaint was dismissed by Sunny Leone. Sunny Leone testified that the parade had been postponed five times and that it was the fault of the organizers. Sunny Leone said she was ready to attend if the event was organized.

The day before the event, Sunny tweeted that she was leaving the event at 11:21 pm after receiving money at 9 pm. The reason given was that the organizers did not keep their word.
The Vadakara native, who had paid for the event, even tried to commit suicide due to the liability that followed the cancellation of the event which was supposed to cost more than Rs 1.5 crore. The great tragedy was averted because the children were seen on time.
They were not found on the line after 9 pm on February 13th. The initial remuneration for the event was Rs 30 lakh. It was later agreed that Rs 5 lakh could be reduced due to the floods. But after that, he changed his mind and when he said he wanted Rs 30 lakh, he paid the last installment. Shias said Sunny Leone’s non-cooperation was the reason for so much less.