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Actress Shraddha Das tweets about the Struggles faced by Newcomers in Bollywood

Actress Shraddha Das who has acted in in both Telugu and Hindi films spoke about the struggles faced by Actors.

The sudden demise of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has made all the Bollywood Actors to reveal their own experiences of the pressure they went through in Mumbai.

Actress Shraddha revealed that in the Mumbai film industry, they ask you to go to parties to get noticed and lead a luxurious life, which puts more pressure on the actors who come from outside Mumbai and from middle class families.

“Most actors who are new or coming from non-film families or middle-class families or from outside, cannot afford the clothes, shoes, cars, PR money, stylists, salons, etc., to keep up with this shit all the time….after a point you question, what am I here for? What the hell am I doing?” wrote Shraddha Das.

“I always and always felt this was the worst kind of pressure you can put on any actor…even if you pay a PR person…they are helpless and keep giving you the same advice to BE seen,” Shraddha Das continued her tweet.

“You reach a point where you are thinking…Did I come here to become an actor or make friends or show-off? Why do I have to lose my self-respect and forcefully be friends with people who are so fake you cannot stand them for even 10 minutes otherwise?” Shraddha concluded..

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