Actress Ranjini has filed a complaint against an actor who had misbehaved her through social media


Actress Ranjini has filed a legal action against an actor. Ranjini made it clear that the actor had misbehaved with her during a WhatsApp group chat. Ranjini said the actor had made a derogatory remark about himself during the chat and the actor had sent a legal notice to the actor.

The incident occurred during a conversation with a WhatsApp group, both members. Vasudevan’s comments during the conversation provoked the actress. There were also reports that Ranjini had registered a case with the police.

renjiniRanjini responded to an online media statement that the news was baseless and that she had only sent legal notice seeking clarification. Ranjini also said that if she is not satisfied with the reply after hearing the actor’s explanation, she will register the case. Ranjini said she would not comment on the matter as legal action is currently underway.

In the 1980s, Ranjini was one of the leading actresses in the South Indian film industry. Though she started her career in Tamil cinema, she is still very popular in Malayalam