Actress Ambika Rao in crisis, Jojo George donates Rs 1 lakh for emergency relief!

Joju George Helps Ambika Rao

Actor Jojo George lends a helping hand to actress Ambi Rao, who is undergoing treatment for a kidney related ailment. Director Sajid Yahya brings Jojo’s attention to Ambika’s. Recognizing the plight of the actress, the actor assured her that he would deposit Rs 1 lakh in his account for essential help.Ambika Rao, who was active in Malayalam cinema as a co-director and actor, has been undergoing treatment for a long time. She needs to undergo dialysis twice a week.


Close circles tell the actress that she needs your help, big or small, to continue the treatment, which has been going on for a long time with the help of many friends.Ambika, who was with her brother Aji, was in critical condition when she was hospitalized with a stroke and could not find a way for further treatment.Fefka and many others from the film industry had helped. The friendly community from Thrissur is at the forefront of all the treatment for Ambika and her brother. Directors Lal Jose and Anoop Kannan and actors Sadiq and Irshad are also in the cast.

Joju George

Ambika is the mother of Baby Mol in the movie Kumbalangi Nights. He has acted in films like Meesha Madhavan, Anuraga Karikin Vellam, and Virus. He also worked as an assistant in films like Thomman and Sons, Salt and Pepper, Rajamanikyam, and Vellinakshatram.

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