Actor Vijilesh announces his Marriage


Vigilesh Karayat is the actor who won the applause in the theater with his single dialogue ‘Enthalle’ in Mahesh’s revenge. Everyone who saw Vigilante’s role in Varathan said the same thing, he should break one of them. Vigilesh is an actor who has become a favorite of the audience by playing completely different roles. The actor is now sharing the happiest news of his life with the audience.

He says his marriage has been confirmed and the wedding date and other details will be announced later. The wedding news informs the audience by sharing the picture with the future bride. Vigilesh had earlier posted on Facebook that he wanted a partner in life.


“The feeling of wanting a partner in life is stronger than usual. This feeling is reinforced by the hope that someone will come and meet us somewhere. Along the way, Mizhipozhich is in search of the care of life for all eternity ”. That was Vigilesh’s post. Later, in an interview with leading online, Vigilesh said that he was forced to get married from home and hoped that a lot of people would see it through Facebook and come up with good ideas.

Must be a girl who understands her area. Vigilesh had said at the time that he was happy if he was an art-conscious child. He added that he did not have time to think about marriage as he was busy with film and acting.

Vigilesh is best known for his role in Mahesh’s Revenge. After this film, he played the lead roles in films like Guppy, Almara, Chippy and Vimanam. The character of Jithin in Amal Neerad’s Varathan is one of the best characters of Vigilesh’s acting career.