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Actor Upendra’s Organic Farming

We all know that Sandalwood Real Star Upendra is an Actor,Director,Lyric writer and also a singer. Upendra launched a political party named ‘Prajaakeeya’, a couple of years back. Upendra has numerous plans to bring in changes in the society.

Since the lock down started, we got the chance to see Upendra’s new avatar.  we got to see Upendra as a farmer.  Real Star Upendra has involved himself in farming in his garden.  The videos of  Upendra working in field was viral on social media and many people were inspired by it.

Today Actor Upendra shared a video of the yield he got from his farming. The Actor is very happy about the yield, he showed the marigold flower, cucumber and brinjal cultivated by him. The Actor also told told that he didn’t use any Pesticides for agriculture procedures, it is purely organic farming.

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