Actor Tiny Tom reveals shocking truth about drug use in cinema industry

In recent years, the issue of drug use in cinema has been brought to the forefront of public discussion. Some actors and filmmakers have openly talked about the prevalence of drug use in the industry, while others have remained tight-lipped about it.

Actor Tiny Tom is one of the few who have spoken out against drug use in cinema, even going as far as to prevent his own son from pursuing an acting career due to fear of exposure to drugs. The actor’s remarks were made at the inauguration of the Kerala University Youth Festival. He said that his son got an opportunity in cinema but he turned it down due to fear.

Tiny Tom is also the ambassador of the awareness song ‘Police Warrior Against Drunkenness’. My son got an opportunity to play the role of a leading actor’s son in a movie. But my wife was adamant that she would not let her son act in films. She was afraid of drug use. Many people use drugs in movies. Children go astray at the age of 16-18. “I have only one son,” said Tiny Tom. Recently I saw an actor who was addicted to alcohol. His teeth began to crumble. Many people say that he is acting better because of the use of drugs. Now teeth, next bone dust. Tiny Tom said that we should make art because of it. Tiny Tom, who came as the chief guest at the inauguration of the Kerala University Arts Festival, captured the audience by emulating the voices of leading stars.

Drug use in cinema has been a controversial topic for decades, especially in bollywood. While some argue that it is a personal choice and should not be regulated, others believe that it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. With the rise of social media and the increasing scrutiny of the entertainment industry, drug use in cinema has become more visible than ever before.

Drug use in cinema is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been a part of the industry since its inception. However, the extent of drug use in cinema is not well documented. Many actors and filmmakers have spoken about their own experiences with drug use, but it is difficult to know the true extent of the problem.