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Actor Pratham talks about online classes

Since the start lockdown , students who are pursuing 10th and 12th std in Karnataka were confused about their exams and studies. After few days , Government of Karnataka, made an announcement about online classes ; Until the lockdown gets over, teachers will teach the students and make revision though online calsses. Along with 10th and 12th standard students , graduation and post graduation students were also instructed to attend online classes to complete their syllabus. Also Graduation students were given internal assessments online.

Actor and Big Boss Kannada season 4 winner Pratham made a funny statement with a good meaning about these online classes.

“Many students cannot understand the lessons though teachers teach students in school,. If they write exam after listening to online classes , don’t know how well they’ll score. Their scores should be loved by god. moreover students who live in village doesn’t get good access to Internet. How can those students attend online classes ? This is like having honeymoon through online and expecting for kids” wrote Pratham in his Instagram story.

Though the lines wrote by Pratham looks weird and funny , it actually made sense. Which was like a good question asked to government.

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