Chiyaan Vikram to team up with Kangana Ranaut


Actor Chiyaan Vikram is extremely happy as a result of the success of the Mani Ratnam film “Ponniyin Selvan,” in which he portrayed Adhita Karikalan. The newest rumor is that Vikram has been cast in Kangana Ranaut’s movie “The Incarnation – Sita,” which is directed by Alaukik Desai.

Veteran screenwriter KV Vijayendra Prasad wrote the story for the movie. Despite the lack of an official confirmation, the director’s encounter with the celebrity actor has sparked rumors that Chiyaan Vikram will appear in the movie. Vikram and Alaukik Desai recently met in Chennai to discuss the plot of the movie, and it appears that the popular actor has consented to take part.

Alaukik Desai, the film’s director, claimed that he had recounted the plot and that the lead actor had enjoyed it, dropping a clue that the “Ponniyin Selvan” actor would feature in the movie. Sharing a picture with Chiyaan Vikram, director Alaukik Desai posted, “It was very knowledge meeting you sir @the_real_chiyaan 🙏🏻you are the most humble and energetic personality I have ever met, and am very happy that you like the narration and film concept 🤗 thank you so much for great hospitality. very very congratulations for #ps1 a great film #ponniyinselvan 1 ⚡️👏🏻💥🔥See you soon” (sic)

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Director Alaukik Desai announced Kangana Ranaut would play the movie’s lead in a previous statement, “Those who submit to the universe with faith are helped by it. What was once a mirage has become clear. A religious person’s unrealized goal is now a reality. I’m thrilled to have Kangana Ranaut join the team as SITA. Our understanding of our mythology will change as a result of this religious journey. We appreciate your tremendous support and faith, SS Studio.”

Actor Chiyaan Vikram is currently getting ready to start filming Pa Ranjith’s film “Chiyaan 61.”