Do not exploit the silence, Abhirami’s post against fake news is getting viral

The phone call between Amrita Suresh and Bala has been the main topic of discussion on social media for the past two days. An audio clip of a voice leak between the two was circulated on social media. But Amrita also came on the scene saying that this is wrong and this is not what she knew. When Bala asked for his consent to see his daughter who was affected by Covid, the audio came with the name Amrita objecting to it. When asked about this by Amrita’s audio channel, the YouTube channel also told Amrita that Bala had given them the audio. But now a note shared by Amrita’s sister Abhirami is getting attention.

‘Do not exploit the silence that has prevailed for so long .. To always be with a woman is a mental condition that a group of non-racial men above morality and personal interests need to consider among themselves at this time .. We are not animals, we are gold! Can’t you hold the helm for the unseen stories?

Many have come forward to support them. Fans say that this is a part of life and don’t get discouraged when such news spreads.