Abhaya Hiranmayi About Gopi Sundar We Were Together For Fourteen Years

Abhaya Hiranmayi is a popular star among Malayalees. She has sung many songs in a short period of time. Abhay has been getting the audience’s attention since she was in a living relationship with music director Gopi Sundar. The two ended their relationship of fourteen years. The things that the singer shared about her living relationship when she participated in the program Flowers Oru Koti are now going viral. Abhaya’s words are like this, ‘I have sung till now only for Gopi Sundar.

We were together for fourteen years.It was happy.The separation is also happy.But after the breakup, it was not possible to maintain a good friendship.But that’s not a problem.I won’t say it because I can’t talk about it anymore. When they came to know that Gopi decided to live with Sundar, both father, and mother were opposed. Because he is the one who brought us up by telling us that this is the way it is. We have lived together for a long time with many experiences. When it suddenly ended, there was a void. It happens to anyone when there is a change in life.