‘Aaradugula Bullet’ featuring Gopichand and Nayanthara to be releasing on OTT Platform

Tollywood Actor Gopichand and Nayantara starter ‘Aradugula Bullet’ movie has gone through many financial problems and so the film’s release was stopped.. Despite making a few attempts, the hurdles did not clear, so the film never saw the light. Now the film is likely to get a release but on OTT platforms.

According to the Sources, the producer of ‘Aradugula Bullet’ was approached by several OTT platforms and offered him fancy rate to bag the digital rights. The producers was pleasantly surprised when he got these offers and is said to be in talks. Hopefully the talks will come to a logical conclusion in a day or two.

‘Aradugula Bullet’ has Gopichand and Nayanthara in the lead roles. The film was directed by B. Gopal and musical of Mani Sharma.