A Malayalam short film directed by foreign director, ‘The Field’ Short Film viral on Youtube!

The story of the father-son relationship is getting a good response in the short film In the Field, directed by foreign director Julian Coltrey. It is a film that tells the story of the father-son bond. Screenwriter and actor P Balachandran and film star Dhanil Krishna will play the lead roles in the film. The short film now in the top ten trending list of Youtube.


The film was released yesterday through the famous Youtube channel Team Janko Space. The film has been shortlisted for over 20 film festivals. The director, who does not know Malayalam, has portrayed the agricultural loneliness of Kerala and the depth of family ties after much observation. director Julian Coldrey says that it was his interest and love for Kerala that motivated him to make such a film. The film has been released on Janko Space’s YouTube channel.

The Field Short Film

Source: Team Jango Space

Source: Manorama News

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